"May the candle of knowledge guide our ship to achievement"


About Zeta Pi

The Zeta Pi chapter of Phi Chi Theta was founded at the University of Washington on December 3rd 2016. It is the newest chapter of Phi Chi Theta with only 49 members, but it is growing fast with 28 new members joining every year.

Zeta Pi is a unique chapter in that it focuses on community engagement. By joining us, you will be joining a rapidly developing chapter in which you will have the ability to shape the organization for future years. You will have the opportunity to explore a career through joining one of our various committees: marketing, philanthropy, fundraising, social, professional development, and event planning; or by taking on a leadership role.


About Phi Chi Theta

Phi Chi Theta is a National coeducational Professional Fraternity in Business and Economics. Phi Chi Theta was founded on June 16, 1924 in Chicago, Illinois. The founders were six women from two of the competing business fraternities, Phi Theta Kappa and Phi Kappa Epsilon.

Today, the Phi Chi Theta National Chapter is comprised of 37 Collegiate and Alumni Chapters. Phi Chi Theta has over 20,000 members across the country. The National Chapter is the governing body of Phi Chi Theta and consists of the duly elected National Officers and National Delegates. The National Officers are deemed the Executive Council, and have the authority to administer the affairs of the Fraternity during the interim between Biennial National Chapter Meetings. Phi Chi Theta is a member of and affiliated with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Professional Fraternity Association (PFA), and the Professional Fraternity Executive Association (PFEA).

Mission Statement

To promote the cause of higher business education and training for all individuals, to foster high ideals for everyone pursuing a career in business; to encourage fraternity and cooperation among people preparing for such careers; and to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends.



The Zeta Pi Chapter develops professionalism through guest speakers, lectures, workshops, and case competitions. We have connections to help you explore and grow in various industries, whether you're interested in marketing or finance or anything in between.


A quickly growing chapter with 28 new members each year, we have a diverse community to help you succeed in your career. You are joining a network of dedicated and passionate individuals who are always willing to help a brother and provide guidance. We are family.


The Zeta Pi chapter believes in giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate than us in order to grow our perspectives and create a more loving environment. We aim to improve the lives of the people around us through fundraisers and volunteering.