Welcome to the Zeta Pi family!


Welcome to the website of the Zeta Pi Chapter of Phi Chi Theta at the University of Washington! Phi Chi Theta is a national co-ed professional business and economics fraternity devoted to professionalism, philanthropy, and community. We were founded at the UW in Autumn 2016 by Harriet Naylor and Nisha Ahluwalia. Over the last year, we have acquired 32 new members, and our family continues to grow. We hope you will join us!


The Zeta Pi Chapter develops professionalism through guest speakers, lectures, workshops, and case competitions. We have connections to help you explore and grow in various industries, whether you're interested in marketing, finance, or anything else in between.

A quickly growing chapter, we have a diverse community to help you succeed in your career. You are joining a network of dedicated and passionate individuals who are always willing to help a brother and provide guidance. We emphasize family ideals and values.

The Zeta Pi chapter believes in giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate than us in order to grow our perspectives and create a more loving environment. We aim to improve the lives of the people around us through fundraisers and volunteering.